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Baby Must Haves - Amazon

Having a baby and have no idea what you need? The internet is so glorious! Now you can shop from your home and have it shipped straight to you. Here is a list of my go-to can NOT live without items that I used with my first baby boy. These are my opinions, remember every baby is different and a happy baby is best! (This post may contain affiliated links. Your price does not change, but if you do purchase I may earn a small commission.)


Obviously a crib is a necessity! This one is at a great affordable price! I love the modern wood legs to add a neutral chic touch to the nursery!

My one tip do NOT get a pad with cloth changing cover! Your gonna wash it and change it a lot. One of my favorite things was my silicone changing pad, because if you have a mess you just wipe it clean!

This baby bag is EVERYTHING! Trust me I've tried several! At an AMAZING price this thing can pack FULL! It's huge but also has so many pockets to organize everything you need! It comes with a travel changing mat for when you're out and about!

Feeding/Breast Feeding

Fed is BEST! I Breastfed for 6 months and my go to was my Medela Pump! It's pricier, but you pay for what you get!

Comotomo bottles were the only ones my son would take! We tried them all! Breastfed babies love these bottles. But personally they are great for all, being a natural structure in my opinion really helps with gas and overall digestion!

If you plan to breast feed you need a Haakaa, or 2 or 3! Less washing, am I right? You can find tips on how to use these online. Alot of time I didn't even have to use my pump because these did the job!

Sleep/Swaddles & Such

Snuggle Me Organic. These are available on Amazon! They are pricier but my little man loved his! Remember to follow safe sleep guidelines. My son loved to hangout in his, it was cozy enough to make him feel held!

Swaddles! You'll need alot! Muslin swaddles were perfect because they stretch while staying soft and cozy!

If your baby is anything like mine, you NEED this sleep swaddle sack! He absolutely hated his arms tied down. This swaddle allows them to have them arms up while still being snuggled up.

Pacifier clips. You need them, trust me. I like the flat ones because they are more comfortable and if they get dirty you can just hand wash them.

Bibs binkies! They are cute and honestly were the only ones my baby would take or be able to keep in his mouth!

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