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Brick Backsplash DIY

Updated: May 9, 2023

Did I put this Brick directly over my existing tile backsplash? Yes, yes I did. I have zero regrets. I followed the steps and preparation to be able to cover the existing tile we had in our kitchen. See picture below. Head over to my TikTok to watch videos of before and after. For now, here's a blog on the process I did to create this masterpiece. Hands down, my favorite DIY project to date.

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Here’s my backsplash before. Basic 70’s tile that I actually painted white a few years ago. Also if you notice those beautiful NEW Butcher Block Countertops! I’ll do another blog for those.

Everything You Need:

Dewalt Grinder - to cut the brick grinder

Diamond Blade for Grinder - used to cut masonry diamondblade

Work Gloves - the grout and mortar is messy! gloves

Krud Kutter - to clean and prep

Eco Prime Grip - this is the primer base over exsisting tile

Mortar Bag - this is for grouting in the cracks

Mortar Trowel - to spread mortar onto brick before laying

Pre-mixed Mortar - for laying the bricks initially

Brick - beautiful thin brick I chose

White Unsaded Grout - use unsanded and I chose white

I cut up pieces of trim I had for spacers. This is based on the width of the cracks you want.

Now let's get into Prep-

  1. First and foremost you have to prep your surface. Start by cleaning your existing backsplash with krud kutter and a lint free cloth! Clean good! No sanding after needed.

  2. Now you're going to go in with the Eco Prime Grip. This is a pink paint. It is SIGNIFICANT to ensure your brick and mortar sticks to the existing tile you have. Do NOT skip this step. Follow the steps. I waited 3 hours before putting the brick on but no longer then six. Do in sections if need be.

Get into it - Laying the Brick

  1. An essential step when doing the brick layers is to start the first line with a full brick but make sure the line above it starts with a half. You can see in my photos or my videos on TikTok that I never used the same size brick one on-top of the other when starting a row.

  2. Take a good scoop of mortar with your trowel and spread it onto the back smooth part of the brick. You want the more textured size facing you to show. You want enough mortar to cover the brick but not so much that it completely comes out the sides when smooshed up to the wall. Make sure to use the trowel so their are lines, this ensure that the mortar will dry and stick properly.

  3. Make your cuts along the way. Use leftover cut pieces for when you are starting your row that is not a full brick. I made sure to have the flat cut side facing away from the row.

  4. I did NOT use spacers between the width sizes in between bricks. I eyed it myself. But when starting a row above another, use a space in between the 2 rows.

Now Grouting -

  1. Follow the directions on the bag to mix the grout in a bucket. I only mixed about 1/4 of the bag at a time. This ensured that if I made it too runny I could add more powder. You do NOT want the grout to be soupy but a thicker texture. Still thin enough to put in the mortar bag and be able to squeeze through. WARNING- this might give you a hand cramp like it did me if you have a lot of cracks to fill. Put a thick enough amount of grout in the cracks so you can spread it smooth with your fingers after. Having your gloves on, go by sections so you can smooth the grout before it completely dries. If you get some on the bricks don't worry. Our 'shmearing' method is next.

German Shmear Brick Final Look-

  1. Finally, get your mortar sponge wet and ring it out so its not dripping. use the sponge to smear over the brick and the grout without denting and messing the grout up in between the cracks. Make sure you wipe from side to side so the texture goes with the flow of the brick. Going in any other motion will not look right. Go with your desired look, you can wipe excess off with the sponge if you want more of the brick to show or leave some to achieve more of a white washed look.

THAT'S IT! You might have a mess to clean up for the final look will be PRICELESS!

I'd love to see if you did this project yourself. Find me on Instagram @ohhoneymama or send me a picture through email

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